Journey into Gamcheon Culture Village~ 감천문화마을

A beautiful rainbow sea of homes, ebbing and flowing among the mountains like the tide of a sea.

This village was originally built in a matter of days to house the many refugees during the Korean War. Houses upon houses are stacked upon each other like LEGO blocks- no wonder it’s also known as the LEGO village. I read this article about 감천문화마을 and it was really good about explaining some of it’s complicated history.

Many people now come here for the beautiful sights and Instagram pictures- myself included- but there are many layers of depth to the village. A lot of the artwork has it’s own story of what it represents to the artists and residents.

Photo courtesy of The Bare Yard

Photo courtesy of The Bare Yard

I personally liked the bookshelf staircase. I was thinking that this village felt like a place that popped out of Alice in Wonderland. So enchanting and it’s winding roads seem to draw you further down the rabbit hole and into another world. There is a main street that is dedicated for tourists and is bustling with many souvenir shops, restaurants and cafes, but peering down the alleyways I saw a glimpse of what the ambience of the village is normally like- peaceful, calm and serene, with the occasional dog or cat looking back at me with equally curious eyes.

It’s important to respect the residents living in the village, so I hope that everyone honours the space that the residents need and tries not to disrupt their daily lives.

Someday I’ll come back here again~

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