Seokbulsa Temple~ 석불사


It took over a month in order for me to find this temple- part of it was because I was so busy with school and another part was because my friend and I didn’t prepare to find this temple properly. We thought Google maps would help us, but it sent us to the wrong mountain and up a backroads path leading to nowhere.

A couple weeks later, my friend and I decided to try to find 석불사 once again. This time, I looked up some blogs and figured out how to get there much more easily. This was the blog we used and it was really useful.

This quickly became one of my favourite days here so far. The whole experience was magical. We decided to take the cable car in 금강공원 and hike the rest of the way up. Along the path you pass by 금정산성 남문, a fortress built during the Silla dynasty and a small village called 남맘마을. It’s a bit of a hike to get to this temple even with the cable car, so it’s not riddled with tourists like some of the other temples in Busan. Because of this, you can experience the temple for how it really was intended.

I felt an air of peace as soon as I entered the temple grounds, and the only sounds you could hear were the rustling of the leaves and a monk reciting hymns inside one of the buildings. I could have stayed there all day. Looking from the temple down onto the busy city below really sets your daily worries into perspective. Life is a lot more simple and peaceful than our minds make it out to be sometimes, and you occasionally need moments to step back to just experience the present moment around you~

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