Cafe Review~ 시계 토끼의 유혹

This will be a section of my blog dedicated to the different cafes of Korea! For the past 5 years or so I’ve become a hopeless coffee addict, and I’ve decided to turn this addiction into a hobby and scour out the best and most unique cafe’s in Korea. Korea as a country has a bit of a coffee addiction as well- cafes are one of the most popular places to go out with friends, go on dates, or to study.

I went to this cafe on December 31, the day after V’s (Kim Taehyung’s) birthday. In Korea K-Pop idol’s birthdays are a big big deal and you’ll see posters and merch all based around the birthday of that particular person. Some of my friends and I have been collecting cup sleeves with the different BTS members on it and it’s become a sort of mission to collect them all. Usually you have to get these cup sleeves the day they’re released because they’re so popular and there’s limited quantities. Because this was the day after Tae’s birthday, it became my ‘mission impossible’ to still find some cup sleeves somewhere.. I promised a friend that I’d get one for her and I really wanted to complete my collection. This mission led to me asking strangers in Korean where I can find a cafe that still has them in stock, and luckily my Korean classes have been paying off because I got some useful recommendations. This situation luckily ended up bringing me to this cafe. This was one of the only places left that had them, and the cafe staff were kind enough to offer 2 cup sleeves when you order one drink! I felt like I hit the lottery finding this place, because not only could I keep my promise but I also found the coolest little cafe that I otherwise would have never found. It’s a cafe in Jeonpo that you really have to know about before going there because it’s so tucked away from the main areas. It was essentially inside an alley in an alley off of a side street.

The cafe is Alice in Wonderland themed, and has a whimsical atmosphere with different art and collections of seemingly random objects that somehow end up tying really well together. For instance there’s a corner totally dedicated to Totoro, then in another corner there’s a small dark room that’s completely painted black and looks like a room where you’d have secret meetings. Throughout the space there is a lot of original artwork from the owner (not 100% certain of this but I’ve read this somewhere) and one of my favourite spots inside the wall of coffee cups that each have their own little drawing on it. You can tell he’s really talented artist.

The outside patio has beautiful string lights and many artificial garden arrangements, along with some mirrors that reflect the beautiful decor inside the cafe. I think this cafe would be best to enjoy during a midsummers evening, because you’d get the change to enjoy the lights and outdoors.

The coffee itself was good too, albeit a bit overpriced. That’s understandable because you’re essentially paying to be inside this cafe and to enjoy your time here. I didn’t try the food, because sadly the selection was a little lacking. They mostly just have tiramisu cakes. They looked delicious, but if you want to eat some real food you will have to go elsewhere.

The staff were incredibly friendly too. That was one of the highlights of my time here. My friend and I had been talking to one of the baristas about BTS, and he had told us that on Tae’s birthday they had given out special photo cards with each drink. We were kind of disappointed to hear that we missed out on this, but about 10 or so minutes later I saw him walking towards us with what appeared to be a pile of napkins. He secretly gave the pile to us and it turns out he hid two photo cards inside the pile for us and we quietly told him thank you and that we really appreciated it. Definitely from now on I will be coming to this cafe for every other members birthday, and I recommend doing that to whoever enjoys collecting the birthday merch here!

Now time for cafe 👏 review 👏:

Coffee: 3.5 / 5

Atmosphere: 4.5 /5

I’m not giving 5 stars for atmosphere because I think the theme wasn’t completely cohesive. I really liked how eclectic the decor was here but I wish there was a bit more of a Alice in Wonderland theme.

Food: ? / 5

Service: 5 / 5

I had a great experience with the staff and they were quick to make my drink and were attentive to their customers. I don’t know if they speak English that well, but if you can speak in Korean you’ll find out how nice they are!

Price: $$$ / $$$$$

Group or solo: Group

I’d recommend going to this cafe with others, it’s the type of cafe that’s best enjoyed with friends, though there are some individual seats for studying / reading as well.


Until the next coffee~

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