Alone~ 혼자서

On tired days

I will spend time counting the passing stars

Only the sound of the sea

Can be heard in this spot

My rough translation 😊

Gazing at the sky is one of the most humbling things. In the grand scheme of things the world is small, you are small, and your problems are small. Is it strange that I find that comforting?

The book is called 모든 것이 마법처럼 괜찮아질 거라고 (Everything will be okay like magic).

The illustrators Instagram: 9jedit

Happy days~

The Sea~ 바다

Some memories never

Leave your bones. Like

Salt in the sea; they become

Part of you.

-April Green

Some memories will always stay with you.. let the good ones inspire you and the bad ones be reminders of how you’ve survived and grown past them. 🙂

주말 잘 보내요!

Have a good weekend!